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Mikaela from Victoria discovering her new K2

Ben from the UK on school trip to France


Rebecca from the Shropshire, UK (GTE)

Mark from Uxbridge, UK (GTE)


Julie from Buckinghamshire, UK (K2)

John and Jenny from Yorkshire, UK (K2)


Robert from North Yorkshire UK (K2)


Harry from Holland (K2)

Gill from Skipton UK (K2)


Daisy from UK (K2)

From the parents of Blake from Middlesex UK (K2)

Since having this chair Blakes life has been a lot less restrictive and he’s now able to enjoy alot of out door activities with the rest of the family.

The design of the seat is what we have been looking for, for Blake ever since he started to use a wheelchair and now cannot imagine him ever needing anything else .

Hope the photo is ok feel free to use it if its useful to you.

We are very interested in the new specialist seating that you have now it would be great if we could bring Blake down to test it.

Ben from Holland

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Bryan from the USA

Chair is amazing!!! No problems. I'm so glad I went with my gut and ordered one of your chairs. The chair showed up today and looked like it had not been touched. Nothing damaged and everything looks great. I've only had it for a few hours and can tell I'm going to love it. I will be taking it up to the lake for the 4th of July and really testing this puppy out.
I really think this chair will open options I thought before were out of the question. I can't explain to you how happy Mom and I are that we went with Trekinetic!!!

Dennis (our distributor) for Australia

I'm Dennis Cooper - I'm the Australian distributor for Trekinetic and I also have a passion for skiing. I thought it would be interesting to see how the new 'wonder machine' performs on the snow and I think I'm the first person to try this, so you might find this interesting reading. Three years ago (when I was walking), my wife and I, plus the kids - (then aged 4 and 7); all left the slopes on the last day as a skiing family - I was so proud, the kids looked so great. We went again recently for my 61st birthday, this time for me to sit-ski. I was a bit cautious at first and because I wanted to sus things out, I didn't take my K2: I took my conventional chair - 'big mistake'.

Day 1.
As soon as I got out the door and hit the snow I was stuck. Couldn't move, forward or backwards and just wheel spun 'til my wife came to give me a push.

Day 2 and beyond.
I took the K2 and as soon as I got on to the snow, the difference was immediately obvious and I didn't even have Trekinetic's (currently under development) metal studded snow tyres on! I was independent once more. So much so that as soon as I got on the snow I just took off, I couldn't help it. I was oblivious to everything except snowball fights with the kids and racing around all over the place with lots of fast turns and making tracks in the snow. I was so into it that I didn't notice behind me, at the meeting point for all the disabled skiers who were all getting organized for their particular lessons, gear, etc . . . and they were all staring at me wide eyed.

Obviously it caused quite a stir, not only amongst the skiers but more so amongst the guides and instructors - many of whom come from a snow environment or use it frequently. My instructor, a Swiss female, was very keen to get information for her and her counterparts, because she saw a definite need for one 'back home'.

About Sit skiing
Sit skiing is hard at first, balance is so critical. More so for me I think because although a paraplegic I also have scoliosis with a pelvic twist, so I had to pack foam wedges under one side of the seat. That's the great thing for me about the K2; is that because I don't have any waist muscles and it has a moulded seat, I sit 'in' the chair as opposed to floating 'on top of it' and, believe it or not, I have much less pain at the end of the day.

The first day, even though I was on dual skis, I fell more than 30 times, but I didn't care, and by the second day I was on a mono ski and skiing on my own - of course I raced the kids!

Speaking of racing the kids; I don't have a choice; weather we are out on the grass, beach or snow; weather they are on their bikes, scooters, skates or walking you know kids, and it's always the same. "Come on dad" is all they say and off we go!
Well, my conventional wheelchair is a dinosaur compared to the K2. I liken it to when I had the use of my legs and used to come home to my slippers, now that's how I view my conventional wheelchair, great for in the house but not much use outdoors!
A large amount of organisations are mistaken in their requirements, in that for a place to be 'wheelchair accessible' or 'wheelchair friendly' for instance, requires only disabled parking, no obstructions and a special bathroom. Unfortunately this view is not one that is truly shared by wheelchair users.

Obstacles and 'hurdles', not apparent to an able-bodied person, such as - cracks in the pavement/potholes; hills, up or down; anything that is not a flat, hard surface; grass; mud; roots; gravel; pebbles; sand; silt; wet or slippery surfaces; ice and snow, etc; all create great concerns to someone reliant on a wheelchair for mobility and who wants to avoid face plants at all costs.
There is however, I am happy to announce, one wheelchair that handles all these obstacles easily and efficiently, not only from the users point of view; but that of the carer (read 'pusher') point of view. Not only does it handle these 'hurdles' superbly, but they provide a natural and refreshing relief, with less effort and by also using a different set of muscles.Wet, muddy soccer fields use to be a no-go zone before I had my K2, now I can enjoy my family outings nomatter where we go.

After two years of establishing the Trekinetic K-2 here in Australia, we are really starting to make inroads with this revolutionary machine. It is really something you owe to yourself to at least experience. If anyone in Australia would like to do just that, simply e-mail me on and I'd be delighted to let you try one of our demonstrators.
be warned though - your current wheelchair will feel strange, when you return to it!

Dennis from Lancashire, UK

Picture the scene, 1.5 miles of footpaths and off-road surfaces, one state of the art 'chair, family helpers (if needed), lovely weather and me, Denis, useless on my legs and getting on a bit. The mission for me was to check out the claims of the K-2, is it what it says it is or is it an expensive piece of art for the conservatory, time was about to tell.

I'm fast approaching 58, I'm an ex-fire fighter who came of worse when riding my bicycle when a car decided to get a really close look me by hitting me head on, that was 12 years ago and 12 years ago was the last time I was able to 'walk' on these same paths. One day a couple of months ago I saw someone using a very strange looking wheelchair which put my nice blue four wheel one into shame, I had to know more and aided by Google I found the K-2. .

Now I'm not one to spend money if I don't have to so I was almost in a coma when I saw the price "How much? I can buy a car for that", how on earth is it ever worth so much? You can talk about carbon fibre and mono whatever construction until the cows come home, lean and mean bar changing the camber and Dyna-Brakes, but the true test is does it work? So I set off with my most cycnical head on to prove that the conservatory is where it belongs, footpaths and muddy bridleways are for two legged humanoids not the likes of me who've swapped legs for wheels.

For those of you who know central Lancashire I was at Rivington, and I was attempting to go from the Rivington Primary School car park to the Lower Barn then up to the Top Barn, which would mean muddy paths for around half a mile then dry but lumpy footpaths for half a mile up a steep climb to the Top Barn, then half mile back down on a stony bridleway. The test was set and I was ready, I had brought my family with me to push, pull and tug the 'chair as it would almost certainly fail stranding me somewhere cold and icy. .

First things first, the 'chair looks good, I mean space age good, it throws the old design books out of the window by only having three wheels, meaning you are stable wherever you are, it places the big wheels at the front, again obvious, why this hasn't been done before is a mystery, the best inventions are so obvious when you think about it! .

I set off, and the first thing I noticed was how fast it was and how responsive it was, and using the brakes for steering takes some practice or you'll make 360 degree turns without thinking or planning to! It was easy to push the wheels around as you are slightly behind the drive wheels, using of the powerful chest muscles and pushing instead of pulling upwards. Due to the three wheel set up it was always driving and never finding itself 'beached'. I easily managed the first leg, in fact I had to stop while my family caught up!! .

Now the true test, half a mile upwards on unmade paths, then .5 mile down a bumpy stony bridleway, something I last did 12 years ago, I was confident in my strength but would the 'chair deliver, would it prove it's worth or was it a conservatory talking point? It went up the hill easily, the only downside was my strength, it was no match for the 'chair by not allowing me to experience the 'chair to it's utmost, the drive and stabilty were fantastic.

I smiled as I went downhill after the climb, I also had secret little cry as my mind was showing me the other paths and bridleways I could use once again. I read that it works well on the beach, on mud, and across fields and I don't doubt it. My cynical mind was firmly put in it's place, the 'chair works, but is it worth the money? In my opinion it's worth every penny, my horizons have been fantastically widened and my smile put back where it once was! Not withstanding that when using the road wheels it really comes into it's own as the best ever 'chair for pavement and town use.

Would I buy one, you bet, my order's in and my deposit paid. This 'chair must be the easiest sell any salesman could make, it sells itself, literally. my local dealer is 'All Terrain Mobility Solutions' (Bolton ), when I went there I was loaned a 'chair for a long weekend and told to use it wherever I could get to, and I did, and it worked, no pressure, no sales patter, no well rehearsed pitch. The one draw back is the 10-12 week waiting time for delivery, I want one now, releasing my from my four wheeled 'chair into the best all terrain chair built anywhere by anyone.

Ewan (9) from UK

From the Parents of 9 year old Ewan from North Yorshire
We would just like to say how much difference the chair made today when we took Ewan to the World Mountain Bike championships at Dalby Forest. Even over the forest terrain, tree roots and small rocks, we managed to get Ewan in a position where he could enjoy the event like everyone else. We were approached on several occasions by people asking for information on the chair. We also heard loads of people saying things like That's cool", "Look at the carbon seat" and "That's an awesome wheelchair I have never seen anything like it before". It was great to have positive attention for a change and to have people staring admiringly at the chair rather than at Ewan. Ewan is very excited by his "New Wheelychair" and his "Smart Wheelychair". We are also looking forward to the freedom the chair will provide to us as a family and the future adventures we can have.

Jack (13) from USA

I have been meaning to email you since our very first day with the Trekinetic -- it is AWESOME! We motored effortlessly over the cobblestones of London during the last days of our trip. We blasted over uneven sidewalks and gravel. Drove over grass without a problem. We haven't even put it in 'mean' mode yet! It's taking some getting used to for both Jack and for us -- as you had warned -- but even so it is fantastic. We can't get over how reactive it is. We are still acclimating, but Jack is getting better at controlling it everyday. His physical therapists think he looks great in it (posture-wise) and are helping him to figure out a way to get his crutches on and off the back independently.

Thank you so much. The Trekinetic has already opened up Jack's world.


Jagu from Goa, India

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Jane from Yorkshire, UK

I have had my Trekinetic K-2for 7 months now and cannot imagine life without it !I have just returned from a 6 week trip to New Zealand and Australia to visit family and friends and my Trekinetic went too. I informed the airline of the dimensions and weight and told them it did not fold (following the advice from Trekinetic, that it was less likely to get damaged that way).

The day after we arrived in Auckland I went out in it and realised the Trekinetic'sDyna -Brake system was not working correctly, so my husband had a look and found one of the brake levers had been slightly bent (presumably by airline staff and despite the chair having been covered in "fragile" stickers).

An email to Trekinetic, back in the UK had a prompt reply and a few days later spare parts arrived which my husband was able to fit . . . this was an amazing service and I was so grateful as otherwise my whole holiday would have been ruined.The Trekinetic went everywhere with me . . . from an open-air picnic and concert, to the beach, rough tracks and a whirlwind few days in Sydney (sorry no photos of me in front of the Opera House as I was in the wheelchair and forgot to hand the camera to my husband !)It enabled me to go almost everywhere I wanted and caused comment wherever we went. Often it is the young people who remark . . . "cool wheels !" . . . or something similar, and my 3 year old great-niece had races with me (which I had to let her win !! ).

Joan from Surrey

Peter and Joan
Peter and Joan are married with a young family. Joan has MS and is mostly pushed by her husband Peter. They live in Sussex, UK and opted to reply independently.

Joan - the Passenger
I suffer from MS. I was diagnosed in 2001 and I have been dependant upon a wheelchair for around 3 years.
I was given my first wheelchair by the NHS Wheelchair Service in Chichester. I was offered a choice of standard wheelchairs. I quickly became aware of the difficulties associated with using traditional wheelchairs.

When my husband, Peter, who had been working abroad, saw and pushed the wheelchair he was horrified and worked on effecting a change for the better which (as I had seen what was available), I did not believe was possible.
Peter saw the Trekinetic wheelchair in John Bell &Croyden, in London, gave me the leaflet and looked for a distributor on the Internet. We made an appointment and went up to see the chair at Hewardine in Egham, Surrey, our nearest distributor. I ordered it immediately.

Luckily I had seen wheelchairs en masse before and knew to stick to my guns as the dealers are very good at pointing out everything else! But there was nothing like it. I held the vision of where I wanted to go - the Cuckmere Valley - which none of the other wheelchairs could do as they all seem to be built for shopping trips.

We took delivery of the Trekinetic All Terrain 2 months ago. We sound like a high energy family but only want to do the normal things that families do. We have two sons Paul 14 and James 13. The most overwhelming things I have done, which nearly made me cry were when my carer and I went for a walk outside the back gate and were surrounded by trees on a country track; on a walk with friends on the estate woods and fields; then last week when we went to the Woodland Fair at Bentley Wildfowl Trust near Lewes. We could never have roamed the fields and marquees in a traditional chair. While there we talked to a spinal injuries wheelchair user who highlighted his difficulties with traditional wheelchairs.

I also get lots of compliments about the chair.
I find it very powerful to talk to other wheelchair users about the chair and the possibilities it opens up for them as it has already done for me. Being in a wheelchair shuts the door on life, which the Trekinetic opens up again.
Peter - the Pusher.

John from Southhampton, UK

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Jose (8) from Spain

Exploring the Pyrenees with my mum.

Karl, Motorsport Offical, UK

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Katie from Kidderminster, UK

Thanks for the new life! I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see what I got up to and leave it up to you to decide whether you could achieve this is in a normal chair!

Keith from Buckinghamshire UK

Keith is a very well know mouth painting artist. These pictures are from Mexico, Barbados and when he was asked to carry the Olympic torch is his specially commissioned all white GTE. See Keith's work on

Lindsay from York, UK

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Marc from Hertfordshire

I landed all these fish thanks to the help of your wheelchair without it I would never been able to carry on my passion!!!

Max from London

I like the design and how this reflects on the user (i.e. not medical and someone who cares about the way things look), and its ability to go places which are difficult to tackle in a traditional manual wheelchair.

It's made a lot of difference to my life. It has enabled me to go places I wouldn't have easily been able to go otherwise - beaches, mud paths, gravel drives, etc. It has also enabled me to travel much more easily - e.g. recently we went to Lisbon, full of cobbles and hills.

Equally importantly, it allows my personality to be expressed more accurately (i.e. I transcend being 'just another disabled person in a wheelchair').

Neville from the UK

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Paul from UK

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Piers from the UK

From the parents of Piers

In July 2010 we purchased a Trekinetic K2 Wheelchair from you just before our Holiday and I have been meaning to contact you since then! But running on the theory "better late than never" I felt I would still like to get in touch.

Thank you! The Trekinetic has been fantastic. We were able to get onto Beaches on Holiday that we would never have been able to using a conventional wheelchair. We had a super holiday with my son, most importantly my son had a super holiday!

It has also made "getting about" so much easier for my son. He does not have full strength in his upper body and finds his usual wheelchair hard work to self propel but The Trekinetic is just so much easier for him. It's makes our local woods and trails accessible to him with his brother and his MTB and as an extra perk his brother thinks it is cool!

So, Thank you from a very satisfied customers!

Richard in Africa

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Sandy from Scotland

Sandy and John live in the North East. Before Sandy was diagnosed with MS, they were both keen hill walkers. When new K-2 owner Sandy, told us she was going to go on an epic,8 day trek, across the Great Glen Way Scotland, we were delighted

The 75 miles, all off road and all 'unsuitable for wheelchairs' was not to be taken lightly. We supplied them with spare inner tubes and a spare rear wheel, which can be attached with cable ties. Despite an uncharted course for a K-2, they completed it all on time and we would like to know whether this is a first for a manual wheelchair. They did have a puncture to the rear tyre, caused by a stiff thorn, but that was easily changed by John. That was the only real problem and now the K-2 permanently stays in their car, covered with mud awaiting the next adventure.

Sebastian from Santiago, Chile

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Simon from London

Having MS one of the several things I miss is being able to walk any distance, especially in the country.
Having found this remarkable wheel chair by surfing the web there are very few places I and my wife cannot now go.
For anybody like me with good upper body strength this wheelchair/mountain bike hybrid is ideal.
The other thing I've noticed is the amount of attention an interest from able bodied people including comments about style, not what you would normally expect.

As a lady I met the other day said she thought it was great except there was nowhere to put a handbag.
The three wheel arrangement is remarkably agile even in reverse. ( Tested in John Lewis glass department at Bluewater )
It is as fun to use on firm sandy paths as it is chasing around Ikea, not to mention the superb old quaysides of the Garonne in Bordeaux, as the pictures.

Dealing with Mike Spindle is a real pleasure especially as when doing my own adjustments and servicing he has always been extremely helpful.

Having seen the new GT-3 I have to admit it is very tempting (Anyone interested in a low mileage K2 ! )

Vicky from Australia

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Wendy from Surrey UK

On our trip to California he chair was brilliant - very comfortable - thank you again!

Yolene (8) from France

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