TREKINETIC GTE (Adult Powered Wheelchair)


GTE is one of the most cutting edge powerchairs in the world. The unique high strength, low weight design means it is 75% lighter than most powerchairs available (GTE weighs 36kg compared to most powered wheelchairs which weigh 100kg+) and can fit in nearly all standard cars without the need for costly adapted vehicles or car hoists. Crucially, this means you can be confident travelling with the chair not only in your own car but also in other peoples vehicles including: taxis, trains and airplane holds. With its Formula One inspired carbon fibre monocoque design, the chair is extremely tough and versatile, working equally well inside a house on pavements and roads and off road.

The only real way to experience what the Trekinetic chair can do for you is to try it out and so to find out more about booking a demonstration, please call 0203 051 0157 or email or complete the contact form. To learn more about the demonstration please click here.

Features Transforming your access to the world

Support & Comfort: Inspired by the company founder’s background in Formula One racing, the GTE Trekinetic has a unique Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis. Using such lightweight and strong materials is transformatonal in wheelchair design because it disposes of the need for the metal chassis, which means the chair is much lighter to move around and get in and out of the car. In addition, the seat can be configured into a much more supportive ergonomic shape that makes sitting in the chair for longer periods more comfortable.

Portability: One of the most exciting features of the GTE Trekinetic Powerchair is its sheer portability. The chair only weights 36kg. Furthermore, because the chair has a number of quick release parts (no tools are required and you can breakdown the chair within 2 minutes), it is easy to remove the wheels and battery, which leaves a residual weight of 15kg. Ultimately, this means you are free to travel the world by car, plane, boat and train!! For those wanting to stay closer to home you can be confident of getting to and from your workplace, hotels etc.
Accessibility: The combination of having large wheels engineered to be positioned at the front of the chair with a rear smaller rear wheel bias system,gives the power chair a fantastic feel during adventures, on paths, across fields, on the beach in the snow etc etc. With steeper paths the highly engineered brakes give you excellent speed and steering control so that you don’t have to hang onto the wheels when going downhill. In addition, the adjustable variable wheel camber system gives you the option of exceptional off road stability when using a slanted angle. The nitrogen shock absorber helps to stabilise the chair on uneven ground, whilst also enabling you to change the rear angle of the seat so you feel safe in your chair on steeper slopes.

Versatility: Whilst the GTE Trekinetic Powerchair is well known for its smooth ride outside both on and off road, many customers are initially surprised that it also works fantastically well inside. The chair has a tiny turning circle making it great to use in confined spaces and in its upright position it can get through nearly all standard size doors. With its anti tip system you can slowly tip the chair forwards onto its footplate and retrieve items off the floor

With a manual mode the GTE gives you the option of periodically switching the power support on and off. This opens up a range of new exciting options for the user. For example, if you don't require powered support all the time you can take the chair out in manual mode  and have a fantastic workout. Once you are suitably fatigued you can switch to the power mode. You also won't be stuck if the battery runs out!

The only real way to experience what the Trekinetic chair can do for you is to try it out and so to find out more about booking a demonstration, please call 0203 051 0157 or email or complete the contact form. To learn more about the demonstration please click here.


Assembled Dimensions GTE  K-2
Width (400mm seat) Min/Max 71/86 cm 71/86 cm
Width (480mm seat) Min/Max 79/90 cm 79/90 cm
Length Max 114 cm 114 cm
Height (Std. Leg) Min/Max**** 78/85 cm 78/85 cm
Height (Long Leg) Min/Max **** 84/91 cm 84/91 cm
Turning Circle 100 cm 100 cm
Weight (typical) 36kg 17kg
Overall weight heaviest part 18kg 9kg
**** Excludes handlebars (+9 cm)    
Features GTE  K-2
Manual propulsion only
Power with selectable manual
Suitable everyday use
Suitable All Terrain
Transformable down including q/r wheels
Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis
400mm seat width
480mm seat width Extra Fee Extra Fee
Long Leg Extra Fee Extra Fee
Suede effect upholstery
Mass varying auto-recline seat
'Varicam' variable wheel camber
Nitrogen gas filled shock absorber
Pressure adjustable rear castor
Storable automatic umbrella
Wheels with All Terrain tyres
Wheels with Smooth tyres Extra Fee Extra Fee
Basic Ratchet lever Brake system
Advanced Dyna-Brake system Extra Fee
Rear Handlebars (plain) Extra Fee Extra Fee
Rear Handlebars + Attendant Brake only Extra Fee
Rear Handlebars (Folding) Extra Fee Extra Fee
Umbrella socket
Anti tip rollers
Foot Plate Extra Fee
Foot Plate (locking)
Foot Plate (locking + auto retract) Extra Fee Extra Fee
Side protection plates
115 kg / 18 stone max user weight
Electric Hub motors
Automatic Braking under power
Armrests (retractable) Extra Fee
5 speed joystick controller LH/RH
Nickel Metal Hydride (NMH) battery
Li-ion long range battery in lieu of NMH Extra Fee
110-240v Quick charger
Black Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext. £0
White Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext. Extra Fee Extra Fee
Silver Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext.
12 month Return to base guarantee
Delivery Charge: UK, World-Wide dealer Enquire Enquire
Delivery Charge: Mail Order World-Wide Enquire Enquire
*Tyres only    
Secondary Options    
Hyperforma childs seat insert £695 £695
3 point hoist attachment points £145 £145
Occupant-in-chair 4 point transit system £745
Special colour outer shell £230 £230
Armrest mounted Smart phone holder** £45 £45
Handlebar extensions*** £65 £65
Handlebar mounted umbrella socket £50 £50
Superior Lap Belt £145 £145
Water Bottle £50 £50
Toe loops (requires Foot Plate) £80 £80
Heel Loops £32 £32
Foam comfort cushion £125 £125
Pressure relieving cushion 50mm £540 £540
Pressure relieving cushion 80mm £540 £540
D shape lumbar support cushion £85 £85
Dog lead kit £130
Spare rear wheel £50 £50
Safari Kit (includes spare rear wheel) £165 £165
Headrest (Folding) *** £430 £430
HD inner tubes (2) £48 £48
Nickel Metal Hydride battery (in addition) £828
Nickel Metal Hydride battery charger £490
Lithium Ion battery £1650
Lithium Ion battery charger £398
***Requires Armrests    
***Requires rear handlebars    

We currently offer demonstrations of the Trekinetic powered and manual chairs. These can be done at home or a clinic or we can go somewhere outdoors so you can really test out what the chairs can do. We can run the sessions for as long as you need.

As a company run by physiotherapists and medical doctors all of our team our highly qualified and we dont employ sales staff, which means you can be sure that you get the all the support you need.

To book a demonstration or to contact us please call 0203 051 0157 or email or fill out the form below.



Dr Tim Peter Hunter:

Doctor Tim Peter Hunter (PhD) is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Scientist. Tim`s interest in cutting edge mobility and rehabilitation products stems from his studies as a PhD student, where he developed techniques to improve upper limb rehabilitation using a combination of robotics and non-invasive brain stimulation. Frustrated with the pace of university research, in 2008, Tim founded Fluto Ltd (the parent company of Kinabu)., which specialises in the supply of rehabilitation, mobility and ergonomic products through a range of specialist websites. Tim has been supplying these products for over 8 years and still enjoys working directly with clients to help them find the right chair for their needs.

Dr Jez Hunter:

Doctor Jez Hunter (MD) founded a Health and Safety Company, called RIG Systems, in 2000 which he sold in 2009 and became a Medical Doctor. As a busy clinician with extensive health and safety product safety experience, Jez plays a key role in research and development and new business development.



Kinabu is owned and run by Fluto Ltd., which is a health and safety mobility and ergonomic equipment supply specialist. 

Company number: 06611478

VAT number: 934725803 


89 Harvest Bank Road
West Wickham
Kent BR49DP
0203 051 0157







As physiotherapists and equipment suppliers we have a wealth of experience in helping people on the first steps of finding funding. If you want some free support to start you on your Trekinetic funding please complete the form below.

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